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Enterprise Data Science, Management, Analysis, and Visualization

  • Technical Database Management, Query, and Visualization development
  • Scientific and Engineering data science, management, and intelligence services
  • Design and analysis of experiments
  • Data Mining and Advances Statistical Data Management

Science & Engineering

  • Hardware sensor test support (instrument identification, calibration verification, response function assessment)
  • System dynamics modeling, data analysis, and system realization
  • Propulsion engineering and fluid and acoustics dynamics test and analysis
  • Custom and universal test data visualization and analysis algorithm software development

Software System Development

  • Object oriented software framework development
  • Proficient with C/C++, Ruby, Python, Java, SQL, MATLAB, Browser based development
  • Digital signal processing & Interactive Data Visualization
  • Model-Data optimization fitting development
  • Graphical User interface development for analysis systems

Measurement, Data Acquisition, and Analysis Specialist

  • Energy (electromagnetic) spectral measurement and modeling
  • Optics, mechanical systems, EM and particle detector system
  • Multi-wavelength image data analysis
  • Temporal/Frequency data acquisition and analysis of dynamic and steady systems.

Technical Knowledge and Data Analysis Management and Documentation

  • Engineering process and results technical management
  • Workforce technical knowledge acquisition and management design and implementation

Logistics and Technical Business Case Analysis

  • Engineering and Technical Business Case Analysis and Review

Animation and Motion Graphics

  • 2D & 3D animation & production
  • Multi-media graphic design
  • Motion graphics editing, cinematography, and project management
  • Integrated interactive data visualizations